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In Koeff’s debut novel, a man stumbles upon a hermit who may be the King of rock and roll. 
Roy Redford has a fear of flying creatures, and to battle this phobia, he’s taken up bird-watching. On a day off from his job at the High Towers Casino Resort, he visits Zion National Park in Utah. While watching for birds on a cliff face, he sees something fall—something bigger than a bird. While investigating, Roy finds a battered acoustic guitar and an ornate, red, sequined jumpsuit. He climbs along narrow, rocky pathways and eventually hears some “sweetly majestic” singing. However, the singer, a naked elderly man, doesn’t take kindly to the intrusion. From his ramshackle cabin, he blasts Roy with a shotgun. When the bird-watcher awakes, he’s inside the cabin with a bandaged right leg. Roy discovers that the hermit, though “weathered with age...was surprisingly handsome.” The man wishes to be called “Friend,” has a pet monkey named Pistol, and possesses a beautiful voice, reminiscent of Elvis Presley’s. Later, a storm brings chaos to the hermit’s oasis, and Roy must act quickly to save his life. Upon leaving, Roy promises never to tell anyone about the cabin. Yet his souvenirs—the aforementioned guitar and jumpsuit—beg to be explained. In this clever, heartfelt work, Koeff writes not just for lovers of the King, but for anyone fascinated by modern mythmaking. Roy’s sleuthing eventually leads him to Katherine Florence, a writer who’s strictly interested in Elvis-related facts, which include the existence of a twin brother named Jesse and numerous impersonators, including a man named Sid Hooper. The details of Roy’s own story lend much to the narrative, as well, such as the death of his brother, Matthew, and his casino job, in which he mingles with gamblers to conjure a good-time atmosphere. Friend’s advice to “find a job where folks are taken care of, not just taken,” is splendid and suitable for anyone. Koeff also captures the American Southwest in gorgeous lines such as, “Up ahead lie hundreds of miles of brown sun scorched might as well be traveling into space.” 

A sparkling ode to music’s most enduring legend.


Review Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Cliff of the King: The King of Rock & Roll Had a Twin - It's Said He Died at Birth or Is He Living Alone in the Wild? by Bryan Jay Koeff is a fascinating and interesting book for all Elvis fans who want to know more about the King of Rock and Roll and his life. Roy Redford discovers a secret on the top of a cliff in the rocky terrain of Zion National Park. He stumbles upon a damaged guitar while hiking there, and goes up the hill to discover a secret that will shock fans of the King. What is the secret that Roy Redford stumbles upon on his hiking trip?
The book has a lot of information about Elvis which is educational, amazing, and enlightening. The fictional character of 'Friend' in the book is mysterious and elusive, but he captures the essence of the spirit of Elvis and lets readers understand the life of one of the greatest legends of all time. The authentic details and the interesting main character of the story will pull readers into the book. The narration is descriptive and vivid, making the scenes and the characters come alive for readers. Roy Redford's character is memorable and the author makes sure that he takes readers into the story and keeps them up there. Readers will connect well with Elvis through this story, and the little known details about Elvis, the weaving together of fact and fiction, will take readers closer to the legend.

Comment/Review Section: 5 Stars
​“Bryan Koeff has painted fantastic word pictures describing the area in and around Zion National Park. The book is suspenseful and has the reader hanging on every word. I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it. I am sending a copy of it to a friend in Australia-“  - Yvonne C. Robinson

AMAZON.COM - 5 Star Overall Rating!

Cliff of the King wiggles and shakes with vivid Elvis excitement!
By 2Fine: 5 Stars 

"Take a chance on this enchanting first novel by author Bryan won't be able to put it down!
This finely crafted novel, drawing from Koeff's rich behind-the-scenes knowledge of the King, is a rare treat for Elvis fans. With it's authentic detail, believable story line, and fascinating main character, "Cliff of the King" will have Presleymaniacs salivating for more. Sequel, please!"

Excellent job Brian!
By PRM: 5 Stars 

"I couldn't put it down! Anyone who loves Elvis will enjoy this book! The ending leaves me wanting a sequel...Will there be one?
I'll definitely recommend this book to all of the Elvis fans I know!"

By RockNRollPirate: 5 Stars 

"I find the author captured the character of "Friend" quite well. I get the feeling that business was well taken care of. Must read for any Elvis fan!"

Fact and Fiction Woven Together
By Terry L. Tyson: 4 Stars 

"Full disclosure: I was provided a copy in exchange for an unbiased review. Without giving any spoilers, Koeff has created a touching, perhaps a bit nostalgic and thoroughly engrossing tale of Elvis, the King of Rock 'n Roll and his private life. He weaves fact with fiction deftly enough that we're not sure where history starts and narrative ends to create a pleasing tapestry for those who love or were touched by the King and his music. Koeff's first-hand knowledge of the book's settings are on point and well described. His protagonist is someone we care about and wish we could join him in solving the mysteries that exist in the world he creates.

Mostly, the book is fun. Koeff is to be congratulated for taking a small bit of rock history and expanding it into this well crafted story. Recommended."

Koeff Puts You Right There In The Story
By Amazon Customer: 5 Stars 

"I’m not what you'd call a reader, at least not when it comes to novels; but I couldn't put this book down. Bryan's style of telling a story puts the reader "right there." Thanks Bryan!!!"

Five Stars
By Jason Haselby: 5 Stars

"Very cool book. Fun story."


Patricia R McBride: 5 Stars

I love this book! Great job! Will there be a sequel?! It was amazing. I've been in love with Elvis since I was 8 years old and saw "Follow That Dream"! 

Nanette Mitchell: 4 Stars

Really liked it. I have been to Zion National Park - loved it. So I had a sense of the environment immediately. I really enjoyed reading this book because it was a quirky fun book to read. I enjoyed the tongue and cheek aspect at for the various insights in the creation of the story and this book.


“Oh my goodness!!! I finally started your book, I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN. I tried sleeping and wound up at two and couldn't wait to read more. An hour and a half later I was half way through the book!”


“It was as great read! Loved it!! 😍 couldn't put it down!”

“Read it from cover to cover! Left me wanting MORE!!!” “Awesome book! Sequel?”

“I went to your web site and read "The Life of Bryan - My Abbreviated Autobiography." I must say, what an amazing and adventurous life you have led thus far. :)”

“Finally got to your book! Couldn't put it down.”

“It took me a little bit to get into to it, but once you keep reading you do NOT want to put the book down.”

Immerse yourself in this amazing story!
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