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Fact: Elvis Had A Twin. It's Said He Died At Birth
or is He Secretly Living Alone in the Wild?

Wed, 27 Apr 2016, 14:15:20 PST

Anchorage, AK, April 27, 2016
“Cliff of the King” (ISBN: 978-1530194117) by Bryan Jay Koeff , and published by Blazing Star Books , takes us into the life of a weekend bird watcher who comes to believe that the twin brother of Elvis Presley did not die at birth, but is alive and living in a hidden cabin far from civilization.

Author Bryan Koeff received insights into the King of Rock & Roll from a man who was a close friend of Elvis. Based on this information, Bryan developed a fascinating theory employing both fact and fiction to serve as the basis for a creative mystery not seen since The Da Vinci Code.

During a bird watching excursion, casino worker Roy Redford has a run-in with an elderly Elvis look-alike living on a remote cliff in Zion National Park. The hermit is such a match for Elvis that Roy becomes obsessed with uncovering the man's true identity. Writer and Elvis guru, Kate Florence, reluctantly teams up with Roy to keep him out of trouble, as he tends to attract the more shady side of Elvis culture.

Mayhem ensues when an overzealous reporter, Chuck Euless, sneaks a camera into the hermit's cabin, records the old man singing, and broadcasts the footage on the evening news. Chuck promotes the hermit as being the possible twin of Elvis. This 'ratings ploy' touches off a mass exodus of people from all walks of life to Zion, where they converge in a pristine valley at the base of the Cliff of the King.

Bryan Jay Koeff is a writer, artist and photographer who moved from California to
Alaska  in  1975.  He has designed special needs software,  worked with Eskimos,
lived with the monks, toyed with bears, mingled with celebrities, dwelled with the
homeless, drummed with hippies,  rafted the rivers,  romped around Europe,  and
labored in the Amazon jungle. Bryan's hunger for mystery and adventure is
evident in his new book.

Available online at Amazon.com and Blazing Star Books .

For more information about Cliff of the King or the author,
contact Bryan at 907-891-1776 or email Bryan .



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